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Collaboration solutions speed decision making, drive productivity, increase business process efficiency and are now mission critical within most companies to keep a competitive edge.

Today's companies are implementing more solutions that support multiple forms of collaboration such as instant messaging, social computing, portals and community-based tools to share content and expertise.

Collaboration solutions help improve the efficiency, effectiveness and competitiveness of organizations in any industry by enabling people to easily leverage voice, video, presence and web tools as part of their everyday workflow.

UML can help you create collaboration systems that make it easy for virtual teams of employees, customers, and partners to discuss and share ideas. Our expertise in compliance, governance, taxonomy, user experience, information architecture, and security will guide you through all stages from envisioning to deployment.

Here is a sampling of the collaborative solutions UML can assist you with:

  • Implementation of an Intranet Portals to facilitate the exchange of information between departments
  • Developing an integrated process for both collaboration and content management
  • Creating an online idea/knowledge exchange with your customers, constituents, and/or employees.

Content Management

Organizing unstructured content enables organizations to leverage enterprise knowledge for a competitive advantage. AT UML we help organizations build strategic content management solutions that enable them to reduce costs, automate business processes, consolidate websites and easily share content across the entire organization.

Businesses today are under tremendous pressure to "do more with less" and yet still provide meaningful information to customers, partners and internal operations. More than ever, content is being created by business users in a variety of formats including documents, web content, digital content, on corporate shared drives, SharePoint sites, email, web assets and more. As content volume grows, business processes become strained, documents become lost, access permissions become unmanageable, printing and storage costs increase, and employees make poor decisions based on inaccurate and outdated information.

UML's Content Management practice leaders and consultants understand this challenge and we have consistently help clients build effective content management solutions on time and on budget.

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