Platinum Team Resources

These are the unique experienced people you can't get anywhere else and that everyone needs. They are industry or technology veterans who have worked in multiple company environments, who by nature are associated with specialized "boutique" consulting, and who have been attracted to UML's unique business model though our alumni network.

These consultants are few and far between, and we are both honored and rewarded by their decision to work for us. Whether it is in the capacity of a large program leadership role or a senior architect with specific industry expertis... you name it. They all have one thing in common. They have all been there, done that and have both leadership and content expertise. They are the ones you call on either for specific, one-time problems or to ensure success for large, complex initiatives. Premium consulting. Hands on experience. C-Level presence.

From its inception, UML has set out to be a different kind of consulting and sourcing partner. We provide the highest quality consultant ready. Specialized as needed by industry, process, and technology and positioned in a way that delivers the ultimate flexibility based upon our clients' needs.

So whether you need an individual consultant, an entire project team, or the complete outsourcing of a project, our unique combination of technical expertise and industry experience, provide the most intelligent solutions for your technology consulting requirements.

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