Founded by Senior Executives from the Big Five, Systems Integration and Software Industries, UML was created to specifically address the chronic shortage of highly skilled consulting capable professionals and the dysfunctional contracting model prevalent today.

You know it we... a model where Consulting Firms and their Clients struggle to find the right functional and technical skills, where once they find them the consultants often lack the communication, client relationship, and business acumen essential to success, and where the best people are difficult to retain.

Don't let the resumes shops waste your time

We are not a resume shop, at UML we rely on established channels of sourcing, including an active alumni university network, a large network of Big Five / Systems Integrator consultants, verified independents and contractual strategic partnerships to source hundreds of pre-qualified functional and technical candidates. At UML all our consultants are referred through actual experience. Not through Dice or Monster. Not through other websites. But through our own pre-screened / pre-qualified network.

Every consultant at UML is evaluated on both functional/technical competence as well as the all important ‘consulting' skills clients have come to expect, including executive communication skills, client relationship skills, and the ability to recognize the business implications of technology. Our quality evaluator team is invariably Big Five / Systems Integrators themselves who we have brought on board to provide our clients with an added level of certainty that UML sourced candidates will have an exceptionally high rate of acceptance and long term fit. Because of our large established network and database of pre-qualified skills, UML is able in most cases to identify and present highly qualified candidates within 24 hours of request.

What sets us apart?

In the competitive IT services industry, it's difficult to know what differentiates one company from the next. First, Unlike our competitors - all our client facing Account Executives through to our Executive Leadership Team are technologists, often with advanced degrees in Engineering, Computer Science or Information Technology. Meaning our AE's understand your needs and they take the time up-front to fully understand your expectations.

Secondly, in addition each client is matched with a vertical / domain expert who understands not only technology but your need within the context of you business domain and works hand in hand with our AE's and leadership team to ensure we provide the greatest degree of value

When you source talent from UML

We define our success by our consultant's ability to immediately impact our client's project. We expect that they begin making valuable contributions soon after being brought on. If there are any disconnects, we will address them immediately to make sure our clients are getting what they expect. Ultimately, we strive for true business partnerships with our client. Ones in which clients value their relationship with UML.

When you work with UML, you work with some of the brightest consultants in the industry. Our consultants and platinum team members are graduates from some of the best Computer Engineering Programs in the world like MIT, Stanford, UC Berkley, Cal Tech, Carnegie Mellon, Georgia Tech and IIT (Kanpur, Bombay and Madras). Combine this educational foundation with years of hands-on industry experience and you understand why UML makes for an ideal Technology partner.

So whether you need an individual consultant, an entire project team, or the complete outsourcing of a project, our unique combination of technical expertise and industry experience, provide the most intelligent solutions for your technology consulting requirements.

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