Data Governance and Stewardship

When data enters a business, it should be governed, whether an organization is sharing data across business units internally or publishing data to customers, partners, auditors, and or regulatory bodies externally. Companies are under ever increasing pressure to ensure that compliance and accountability requirements are met as the scope of data integration broadens. In response to this need, many organizations are turning to data governance, which establishes policies and procedures for sharing data, as well as improving data's quality, structure, and audit ability.

Data Governance enables effective management and delivery of shared or common data assets / resources and provides the enterprise with clean, consistent, accessible and insightful data through consistent processes in order to:

  • Maximize income-generating potential of data
  • Increase confidence in decision making
  • Decrease the risks and costs of non-compliance
  • Create accountability for information quality

A sound data governance program includes a governing body or council, a defined set of procedures, and a plan to execute those procedures. Regardless of where your organization sits within the Data Governance maturity model, UML Data Governance experts can help your organization ensure authority and control over the management of your organization's data. UML has the experts needed for every step of creating and implementing an effective and successful data governance program that ensures data can be trusted, making the enterprise more efficient and mitigating risks.

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