Netezza simplifies analytics for companies drowning in data and struggling to find the processing speed and power to analyze and understand what it all meant. As a data warehouse appliance, Netezza combines storage, processing, database and analytics into a single system that delivers 10-100x the performance, at half the cost and one-third the power of other approaches.

Netezza Competency in UML

UML's consultants can provide a framework for a rapid and efficient induction of Netezza technology into the customer's environment. Their primary objective is to extend support and guidance to the customer during the initial phase of the adoption or implementation lifecycle.

Our consultants have significant experience in:

  • Intelligent query streaming design of Netezza
  • Post installation deployment and usage of the Netezza Performance Server system
  • Netezza System and Database Administration
  • Effective migration of legacy data from other databases into the NPS system
  • Backup and recovery procedures
  • Using various Netezza utilities and UDX functionalities
  • Integration of Netezza on existing third party BI environments

Netezza Consulting Expertise at UML

  • Industry: Financial services, Health management, Mortgage corporation, Web services, Retail
  • Products: Netezza 2.x, Netezza 3.x, Netezza 4.x (Latest Version - NZ 4.5)

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